Manufacturers can now directly option and receive commodities, streamlining the acquisition process. This approach fosters a robust secondary market and bypasses intermediaries. This shift offers manufacturers better control, ensures quality, and optimizes costs. Embrace the new age of efficient commodities trading with direct market engagement.


Blockchain security is unparalleled. No other product or public database offers security more robust than that provided by blockchain-based encryption.


The program operates on a decentralized framework, defined by a smart contract protocol. This contract is versatile, allowing interoperability across various blockchains and compatibility with numerous programs through swap protocols. A range of exchanges further amplifies its utility, benefiting both token holders and sellers.


While smart contracts can be issued at minimal cost, the primary requirement is expertise in programming. Even when hiring a top-tier team of programmers, the expenses are considerably lower than those associated with establishing and maintaining a real-time database in traditional systems.



Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Start Time

1 Mar, 2023

Token Symbol


Public Launch

10 Apr, 2023

Tokens Offered

15.0 M

Hard Cap

561 M

Hard Cap

561 M


21 M

Public Crowdfunding

40 M


20 M


20 M


The cMetal roadmap provides a detailed overview of our team's collective efforts. It highlights the milestones we've reached and outlines the objectives we're aiming for, encapsulating our vision for the cMetal Platform.

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Who Controls Mining?

cMetal Token is generated by the Developers and is Governed by the Community Vote, the Hodlers. Also, Token is used in transactions as security collateral in the physical delivery of industrial commodities.

Anyone can purchase or receive the cMetal Token, it's an ERC20 Standard. By buying it through different release stages, you will be helping ComeBackAlive Foundation in the Humanitarian Relief for Ukraine or benefiting from discounts on traded products.

A Trading Platform is being created that will serve as a pilot program for Commodities Trade. It will be made to Trade within the EU and Ukraine for a trial period.

cMetal tokens can be traded on secondary market on blockchain, while at the same time it is used as collateral in the physical transactions on the trading platform. This opens new possibility of trade and information that is transferred within the Blockchain.

Verity of Blockchains out there have hundreds of different uses, Mega companies bet their billions of dollars on Metaverse, NFTs ICOs etc., this may be difficult to understand, but new generations are into it and just like in the beginning of the internet era connecting on internet was dismissed, Blockchain and Smart Contracts are being dismissed the same way. The future of the protocols are beyond ones comprehension in full, dismissing the ability to sell something in the digital world is disregarding ones future.

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